Distillery Guarani was designed and engineered to produce cachaça in a sustainable way, preserving the secular tradition of Minas Gerais quality cachaça manufacturing , without giving up the most modern and efficient in terms of Good Manufacturing Practices and Food Safety. Hence, a product of unmatched quality.
At Distillery Guarani what really makes the difference  is the carefulness for all production phases .The nicety in the control of all production stages puts us among the best in the world.
Nosso endereço
Fazenda Ouro Verde - Estrada Guarani-Três Vendas, s/n°, Zona Rural, Guarani/MG,
Brasil. CEP 36160-000  
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10:00h às 16:00h

(32) 99814-2209
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(32) 3218-6529
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